rutibegga (rutibegga) wrote in bodychallenge07,

Ok, Lou's right about this one. has awesome software for healthy eating and workouts. You can even enter custom food. It gives reports based on what you put in, letting you know if you're lacking vitamins you need, not getting enough exercise, or eating too much fat. Nice.

Today I layered up and biked to work. I'm going to hit the gym tonight and do another 20 minutes or so of cardio and some strength training. I realize not everyone in this community goes to a gym. Does anyone have any good suggestions or links for ways to exercise at home? My preferred method is bicycle commuting, but as Lou will tell you, that's not everyone's cup of tea.

If anyone has time, we should put some suggestions out there.

PS. Would it be too incredibly nerdy if I got a cyclocomputer so I could track my speed and mileage?
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