rutibegga (rutibegga) wrote in bodychallenge07,

On soreness and salads.

I ran two miles at the gym again last night, slightly faster than the day before. I was a little more tired while running, but by the time I left the gym, the soreness was setting in. Today I'm really fucking sore, so much so that I drove to work. I don't really mind, though. I remember when I was in high school, I'd feel this way all the time after practice or long club rides. I think this is the feeling of progress, of muscles growing and being used.

Fit Day says I'm still not getting enough protein, and still eating too much fat. Funny, that, I can't imagine how bad the stuff I used to put in my body would look on that pie chart! To combat the protein issue, I grabbed some soy protein powder at Whole Foods and will be adding it to yogurt or soymilk every day. I also got baked tofu for my salads. This stuff is so yummy! My salad today is kicking butt. It's just mixed greens, citrus baked tofu, sunflower seeds, and lime juice, but it's delicious.

That's my update. Not point really, except to document where I am in all this.
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