downtown (caseylee) wrote in bodychallenge07,


I have gone to the gym everyday since Sunday.
I kinda plan to go everyday for the rest of my life.

I havent done any weights yet, but I am going to do those today. 
I really loooove the PreCor elliptical. oh man. i did 3 mins the first day. 10 mins the second day. 30 mins the next day. and 20 mins last night. unreal. 

i can believe how great my body is responding to the workouts. my knee is bothering me a bit, but once i get warmed up, it's doing fine. a little sore after, but pretty good, considering.
i am starving to death and eating tons of veggies and protein and loving it. 

i've lost 1.5 pounds and an inch from my waist. i was going to try a yoga class, but i dont think im ready. i feel like it would make me too sore right now and would hinder my daily workout. im going to wait until im stronger. 

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