downtown (caseylee) wrote in bodychallenge07,

11 Days

So far I have gone to the gym every day (for a minimum od 30 mins) for 11 days. 

I am making progress. I'm able to walk on the treadmill at 10% incline for about 40 mins with no pain.
I can usually do the elliptical for about 30 mins (some days are better than others)...

I was having a weird numbness in the side of my left foot (which is my healthy foot!) on the elliptical so i bought some really really comfortable new running shoes (for only $50!)... womens shoes this time, not mens, so we will see if that makes a difference... they are definitely way more comfortable. and i got some more shorts and sweats (with my old navy card from christmas!)

anyway, things are going great. i love going to the gym and look forward to getting stronger.

as far as eating goes we are eating all whole grains and things are going great there. there is a coop on the way home from the gym so we are eating really well and not eating out as much at all. 

drinking... we are drinking alcohol WAY less and it feels great.

weight: i havent lost really any weight yet but im sure i will start to see something soon. 

anxiety: i havent had any real anxiety problems since i started working out. 

overall, everything is going great. im still really motivated and it is starting to really feel like a routine...
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My feet go numb on the elliptical too, and I think Lori says hers do as well. So maybe it's just something about the elliptical machine?? We both have new shoes too.

We're drinking less too, though I've had wine twice this week so that's not as good. But way better than it used to be and I feel so much better for it.

So glad the gym is becoming a routine for you too. It's nice when it gets to be just part of your day, and not something to stress about/avoid.
having one drink a day is actually really good for you, especially red wine... so keep that in mind.

we dont avoid it at all, which is why im glad we decided to go everyday, so we cant avoid it or make any excuses, it's just life. and right now, life rules.

thanks for the encouragement!