downtown (caseylee) wrote in bodychallenge07,

Update on Progress

I have lost 5 pounds and I feel great.

Ability so far: (remember when i first started it was hard to walk for 30 mins at 3mph)

Walk 3.7 ten minutes
Walk 3.3 for thirty minutes
(ive been doing a fast walk at 3.7 for ten minutes for a warm up, but i start to get a little cramp in my side nearing ten mins)
Run 3.50 minutes at 4.6 speed (i just tried this the other day for the first time, i got bad leg cramps so ill need to stretch way better next time, my goal is to be able to run for 5 minutes straight in a week or two)

30 minutes (not everyday, i usually do every other day 30 mins, every other 15 mins)

4 miles (I've been riding the bike for a 10 minute cool down, real slow and relaxed and I really like it. i am hoping that ill be strong enough by spring time to ride my bike to and from the gym as my warm up and cool down... but we will see since i only have a BMX which means no speeds and i live on a giant hill)

10 minutes (i could probably go longer on this, but i havent tried)

25 (10, rest for a few seconds, then 15-- my goal is to be able to do 25 in a row every day, then build up to 50)

We have been going to the gym everyday (we took one day off) for over three weeks. We are going to continue this, but take Fridays off every week because we really need one resting day. I have been sleeping really well and eating really well. We have been good about snacks throughout the day and eating three meals.

I havent had any major knee, hip, or ankle (my problem spots on the right leg) problems much since the first week. The elliptical is really easy on my joints, so if i feel anything starting to tense up on the other machines i just slow down and go to the elliptical. Also, i have been able to just work through minor cramps and tightness and see it clear up on its own.

My anxiety issue is almost completely resolved. It really helps to be so active.

We are eating only whole grain pastas and breads (when we eat them) generally and are lucky to have a good grocery store close by. I am also getting used to protein shakes and we are starting (today) to have them every morning before we leave for work.
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Nice! It's so exciting when you finally feel a difference in ability while working out. That just happened to me in the past week or so.