adnarim (adnarim_abroad) wrote in bodychallenge07,

Thanks Casey for starting the thread up again!

Sad to say I have very little to report apart from my lameness. It's been stupidly hot here and I've had a cold that won't die for over a month. I've taken antibiotics and overdosed on vitamin c and drinking enough water that growing gills is in my near future but to no avail. My hippy aunt is sending me some stuff in the mail that will apparently fix me right up. huzzah.

but: I today signed up for a special deal at one of my local gyms, so i've got 30 days to get my arse back in gear and start exercising again. I've had to cancel my swim membership because I wasn't going and can't afford it, so this is my kick start.

I'm also hoping that working out will somehow get rid of this cough.

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